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Texas Tech Graduates Present Information about Technical Writing Opportunities in Austin

April 09, 2014

On Friday, April 4th, Amanda and Harrison Ownbey shared information about what it is like to be a technical writer in Austin, TX.

Both work for National Instruments (NI), a company that creates software and hardware for a variety of industries – aerospace, automotive, oil and gas. Amanda and Harrison’s jobs involve working closely with teams of engineers and other tech writers to develop for NI’s hardware and software, while working with software systems such as CVI and writing C code.

Amanda graduated from ASU in 2011 with a degree in English and a specialization in Professional Writing. Afterwards, she received her MA in Technical Communication from  Texas Tech. Amanda said that the most important courses that she took, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, were 1) editing, 2) web publishing, and 3) usability. Harrison received his MA degree from Texas Tech, and began at National Instruments shortly after.

Both presenters offered stellar advice for ASU undergraduate students. Harrison’s number one piece of advice was to craft a portfolio that closely connects your identity to the company you are applying for, and Amanda stressed the importance of getting a Master’s degree as a way to develop your professional skills and hone your identity.

The Society for Technical Communication is thankful for Amanda and Harrison’s time, and the EML faculty and staff are proud of Amanda’s success since graduation.

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