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Guess What Week It Is????!!

April 15, 2014

The week of April 13-19 marks ?National Library Week? and the Porter Henderson Library crew intends to celebrate!

Beginning in 1958, one week out of the year has been observed as National Library Week. In the early 1950’s research began to show an American trend towards spending less time reading books and more time consumed with modern luxuries such as radio and TV.  Of course, in the 21st Century, modern technology advanced us much further into our non-bound activities than the good ole bunny ears and knob turning. Walking within our own Library walls you will see an endless sea of laptops, desk tops, cell phones, notebooks, I-Pads, I-Pods,……………..I-Everything!

However, all of those modern upgrades have not just been for our entertainment.  The arrival of this new era comes with many opportunities and advances beneficial to educational entities such as the Library.  Some us may remember the grueling process of going to the Library and the LONG journey ahead of us just to find one book.  If we were looking for multiple titles, a sack lunch would need to accompany us to ensure our strength to complete the task.  Those were, of course, the days before food and beverage were allowed in the Library so we just had to hope for the best and begin the search…………in row after row of card catalogs.

Luckily, we have come to a time where most Library transactions can take mere minutes to complete.  As you look around our Library you no longer see it as a place of books alone; but rather as a world of access to information and knowledge in many different formats.  The computers in the Learning Commons provide access the Library’s catalog that includes resources kept in the library as well as vast selection of resources available online.  You will find printers, scanners, copy machines, presentation rooms, study rooms, study booths, laptops, movies, and the list goes on in our Library we call home.  Our Library is no longer seen as just a warehouse for books but a treasure chest of knowledge and access at our fingertips.

We ask that you celebrate this week with us.  Celebrate the amazing evolution of our Library and the people who work so hard to make it what it has become.  Whether it be the peg board in our Learning Commons waiting for you to pin something about what the Library means to you or behind the scenes in our break room where we have celebrated in private together, we are embracing our past, present and all that is to come!!