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So You Want to Publish a Journal…

May 12, 2014

The Porter Henderson Library provided services to assist the Center for Security Studies in the development and storage of their new electronic journal, the Journal of Homeland and National Security Perspectives.

Beginning in the fall of 2013, the Library worked with Dr. Manuel Zamora (Assistant Professor), from the Center for Security Studies (CSS), to help them realize their goal of publishing an electronic journal.Susan Elkins (Librarian, Electronic Serials) met with Dr. Zamora to explore the services provided by the Texas Digital Library and determine whether the Open Journal System would meet their needs.The Open Journal System software is an open source software that helps manage submissions, reviews, and publication of the journal. After supplying some basic information, the journal is then created by the Texas Digital Library which relieved the content creators from duties associated with the technical work.

Another step along the way included a meeting with the student editors, to discuss set up and customization of the journal. This was a five step process to customize the policies, look, and content of the publication. In January 2014, the CSS a call for papers was issued and the Porter Henderson Library along with the Texas Digital Library worked with the editors to iron out any technical issues. The new Journal of Homeland and National Security Perspectives published its inaugural issue on April 1, 2014. The focus of the journal is original student research originating from their course work at ASU. The goal is of the journal is to contribute toward advancing knowledge in homeland and national security and contribute to the debate of issues necessary to promote a higher level of understanding of the theories, policies, practices, or research related to homeland and national security. This is an open access peer-reviewed journal. This means articles are reviewed by student editor before publication. This journal provides immediate access to the articles, with no license or subscription needed.

The Journal of Homeland and National Security Perspectives can be found on the Center for Security Studies website, or here.