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10 Years and Counting

May 15, 2014

Library staff member Sylvia Davila reflects on her 10 years working at the Porter Henderson Library.

Wow, it’s been ten years! I recently received my ten year service award and yet it seems like only yesterday when I began working in the library. My baby was eight years old when I started and this year she graduates from high school.

During my decade here I have experienced some adventurous times.

Some were heavy - like when a book that fell off the book cart and landed on my foot. It hurt and I screamed.  My co-worker, Veronica said it was a loudest scream she had ever heard.  I limped all day and my foot was bruised for a week. 

Some were nerve wracking - like when people got stuck in the elevator. I am always nervous when I need to use the elevator.

Some were funny – Like wheeling a co-worker around in her desk chair after she hurt herself moving a book cart. cart.                                                                     

Or when I was new to the staff, I brought a small cake for my supervisor for her birthday.  On my way from the car to the library, I fell and flipped her cake.  It was in a clear container and the decorative flowers and name were smeared on to the inside of the container.  It looked weird, but still tasted good.

Working here has not been boring and it never will be!  Things are always happening around the library. I have worked through long-term projects, new software, and the major remodeling to create the Learning Commons.  All-in-all I have enjoyed my time here, my job and my co-workers.