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Librarians Rumble in Brownwood

May 16, 2014

ASU faculty and librarians race to add new children’s books to the Porter Henderson Library’s collection!

On May 15th, some Porter Henderson Library staffers and ASU faculty battled with other Texas librarians to obtain quality children’s books for its collection. This fray is part of the Heart of Texas Children’s Literature Review Center, which PHL has participated in for over 10 years. The program is hosted by Howard Payne University and about 20 school, public and academic libraries participate. As part of this program, publishers supply free children’s books. Texas librarians and academic faculty read these books and write reviews that are subsequently published in the journal Lorgnette. Each participating library may add an allocated number of books to its collection. The program culminates each year in an event where 40+ library staffers and volunteers are turned loose in room with shelves of children’s books on the walls. Each person takes books per assigned allotments based on membership fees for their institution. The materials are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so that the event becomes a book-pulling melee. Dr. Maurice Fortin, Executive Director of Library Services at ASU, often states tongue-in-cheek that he “sharpens his elbows” before attending these events.

Why would PHL acquire children’s books, being an institution of higher learning? The reason lies with the degrees and curriculum offered at Angelo State, which includes Teacher Education and Curriculum & Instruction. Graduates of these programs need to be able to integrate children’s and young adult literature, both fiction and non-fiction, into their classroom instruction. Therefore, the Library collects a number of children’s and young adult books each year to support the education of students majoring in these fields.  The Heart of Texas Children’s Literature Review Center provides an economical way for the Library to obtain some of these materials for ASU students.

The day began with a room full of children’s books.

Faculty and librarians like Dr. Fortin grabbed them by the arm load!

Mark stamped index cards in the books for inventory. We couldn’t go over the limit of 255 books. Then Chris would pack them into boxes.

The shelves were empty by the day’s end!