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Registration Assistant for Orientation Programs

Employer: Angelo State University Student Life
Posted: April 24, 2015


You must be either an undergraduate or graduate student at Angelo State. Students can be currently enrolled (summer 1 or 2) or be enrolled for fall 2015. (You can work the registration periods if you are not enrolled in summer school.) Students currently employed on campus are eligible to work assuming the hours below will not push them over 20 hours per week. 


Wednesday, June 10: Required 1 hour Training session (3:00 to 4:00). You must attend this training session to be eligible to work NSO. If you would like to work but can’t attend at this date and time, contact Dr. Wegner.

Friday, June 12: 4.5 hours (12:30-5:00)

Saturday, June 13: 4.5 hours (12:30-5:00)

Friday, June 26: 4.5 hours (12:30-5:00)

Saturday, June 27: 4.5 hours (12:30-5:00)

Friday, July 10: 4.5 hours (12:30-5:00) 




Dr. John Wegner, Interim Dean, Freshman College (

Send a brief email discussing

  1. Your current status as a student;
  2. Your qualifications and desire to work as a Registration Assistant
  3. Your overall ASU GPA
  4. Your experience with ASU’s web registration process
  5. Your understanding of College Scheduler and the schedule build process at ASU
  6. Your availability to meet with Dr. Wegner before May 15 for a brief interview.
  7. Indicate your willingness to work any or all of the dates listed below. (You must attend a training session in order to work. Our prime training session is June 10, but we will have one alternate date TBA.)