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Doing business in the cloud: Work smarter, not harder!

December 22, 2014

We are all aware of the leaps and bounds technology has made over the years. There are so many great tools out there today, and I wonder why more small businesses do not take advantage of the countless opportunities.

When it comes to technology, I feel sometimes we let our fear get the best of us. I hear all the time that software is too expensive and not worth it. This is true; some software can be extremely pricey. However, I have found that my time is very valuable to me, and if I can spend a little extra on a product that will help me be more efficient, then I consider it money well spent. There are also many different products on the market that are reasonably priced, as well as some open- source software that you can download for free.

These amazing productivity tools can help you run your business more efficiently using technology. I have listed some of my favorites below.

Cloud storage is one of the most productive tools to take advantage of. It is a great asset if you have to work from here, there and anywhere because it allows you to access any file at any time from multiple devices. Products on the market today that you can put to work for your small business, which range from free to low cost, include Microsoft OneDrive, Appleā€™s iCloud and Google Drive.

If you are looking to increase productivity in your office, consider trying something like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Business. These products enable you and your staff to communicate more effectively by syncing emails, calendars and contacts across multiple devices, opening the lines of communication to potential customers. I am also a fan of Google Apps for Business, LibreOffice and Microsoft Office because they have their very own word processing, spreadsheet and presentation features.

When you are really ready to step up your technology game, you can start using all of these products across different devices. Most of the products I mentioned have various applications that make them user-friendly in any environment, whether you are working from your desktop, a tablet or your smartphone.

There are so many helpful tools from which to choose; I have listed only a few programs that you might find useful. Please keep in mind, not every product will benefit every small-business owner in the same way. I encourage you to venture out and see if there is technology that could help you improve the productivity of your small business.