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ASU Aiding Its Nepalese Students

April 29, 2015

Angelo State University’s Center for International Studies (CIS) received an outpouring of campus and public support and offers to help three students attending ASU from Nepal after word spread of the devastating earthquake that struck the Himalayan mountain nation on Saturday.

“Whatever it is these students need, Angelo State is going to cover it,” said Meghan Pace, CIS director.

Sazza Dahal, an international business major, and Aayush Bajracharya, a finance major, both enrolled at ASU in the fall of 2014. Shrikrishna Bhattarai, a physics major, transferred to ASU at the beginning of the current spring semester. All three are from Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu.

Dahal and Bajracharya had already planned to attend summer school at ASU, Pace said.

“We’ve met with the students,” Pace said. “We’ve encouraged them to seek counseling with our clinic. We’ve talked with them about options for fundraising for Nepal. We’ve let them know that Angelo State University and the Center for International Studies are here to support them.”

Bhattarai has not yet decided whether to stay for summer school or return to Nepal to help his struggling nation.

For the Dahal and Bajracharya, ASU is waiving a minor requirement to allow them to receive a summer scholarship, Pace said. Students enrolled in summer school also qualify for free summer housing.

The ASU Scholarships Program Office has offered to look for additional scholarships for which the Nepal students can apply. The Career Development Office has offered to help them apply for hardship employment options offered by the federal government and to make sure they have the best possible fit for a job on campus.

“There are so many people on campus who have reached out and want to support them,” Pace said. “Angelo State will take care of them. These are things we would do for any students in this situation.”


Meghan Pace
Director, Center for International Studies