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Help Our Planet Earth!

July 14, 2015

HOPE grocery bags, LLC started after former teacher Hope Garza decided to make her hobby of sewing into a business by creating fashionable and reusable grocery bags with the goal of Helping Our Planet Earth (HOPE). Mrs. Hope Garza contacted adviser Havins looking for guidance to start her own business. After visiting with the adviser, she decided to enroll into the Small Business Management Certificate Program offered by the SBDC to acquire the basic skills of starting and owning a business.

HOPE grocery bags, LLC launched online November 18, 2014 after months of Mrs. Garza’s hard work with the assistance of her daughter, Mara, and adviser Havins. Hope shared the following: “Without Adriana’s help, I would not be where I am!” HOPE grocery bags are made with 100% recycling materials; they can be washed and reused as many times as needed. The original purpose of the bags was to replace the plastic bags given at the supermarket.

Overtime users of HOPE grocery bags have given them many other different uses; diaper bags, lunch bag, books bag, etc. Mrs. Garza continues to grow creating different designs to offer a variety to her customers. She continues to work closely with the SBDC staff. Most recently Mrs. Garza has been creating marketing campaigns with the assistance of SBDC Training Coordinator Dezaray Johnson. Advisor Havins and Johnson continue working closely with Mrs. Hope Garza in the development of her business. 

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“Without Adriana’s help, I would not be where I am!” 

Impact on the Community:

  • Business Start
  • One Job Created


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