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A Guiding Light

Outstanding Staff

For students in ASU’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP), Christine Pruitt holds one of the keys to the door to success.

  • Christine Pruitt
    Christine Pruitt

An education certification specialist in the Educator Preparation Information (EPI) Center, Pruitt assists all ASU students seeking Texas teaching certification.

“I basically advise and guide any candidate who aspires to become a teacher,” she said.  “I have to ensure they meet all the requirements set by the state and keep up because those requirements change constantly. I don’t just deal with undergraduates. I deal with graduates, post-graduates, professionals, anything in the education realm across campus and the community.”

Pruitt’s duties include monitoring admission to the EPP, approval for state certification exams and data reporting to various agencies. She is also happy to lend a hand to her co-workers.

“Anytime she is needed to serve, Christine steps up to the plate,” said Dr. Amy Williamson, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction. “If someone in the EPI Center is unable to complete a task, Christine fills their shoes seamlessly.”

For her expertise and enthusiasm, Pruitt has been selected for the ASU Alumni Association’s 2014 Outstanding Staff Award.

After taking a break from her own education to raise a family, Pruitt earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees and teacher certification at ASU and then joined the EPI Center in 2011.

“As a non-traditional student,” she said, “I think my experience has really helped me because no matter what you tell me, I’ve been there, done that, and I can help you.”

Pruitt has also been named a Wonderful Woman of ASU, earned a RamStar Staff Award and been nominated for the President’s Award for Staff Excellence in Customer Service.

“I love education and I encourage everyone,” Pruitt said. “You find your niche, and this is where I’m supposed to be.”

  • Laurel Scott

    Laurel Scott

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