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Cayla Clinkenbeard

I’m getting a second BA in philosophy this year, and I plan to apply for gradate school in philosophy. My fingers are crossed that all my dreams will come true. I’ve worked at the Writing Center for a couple years now, and I love my job. Helping other people develop ideas and communicate clearly has helped me become a better writer as well. 

I enjoy reading philosophy and literature, watching YouTube videos and interviews, starting new hobbies and not following them through, playing basketball with my boyfriend, and fawning over my pets.  

The Writing Center seems like an intimidating place where we will humiliate you with criticism, but we all have strengths and weaknesses in writing. It’s always helpful, no matter how good or bad you consider your writing, to have someone else look over a paper with you. We are just students who like to write and enjoy helping others improve their writing skills. 

We look forward to meeting with you!


Graduate Assistant