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Gender Humor Goes Online: From the Bloggess to the Motosexual

Funny blogs, memes, and parodies dealing with gender have lately become popular on the Internet and in social media. This kind of comedy has perennial appeal, but the Internet has become an incubator for it in the past few years. This class will delve into the reasons behind hilarious trends in Internet humor about gender. We will start with Jenny Lawson’s nationally famous and award-winning blog—The Bloggess—and the book based on her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir, which debuted as the number one New York Times bestseller immediately after it was published in 2012. Besides all the laughs that we will share over Lawson’s writing, we will also celebrate that Jenny Lawson, a 2014 Distinguished Alumna, graduated from Angelo State University in 1997, after growing up in the San Angelo area. This will start us off happy, and the rest of the course will move on to funny online content about gender, which might include the “Feminist Ryan Gosling” Tumblr meme, the Uncultured Lesbian on Tumblr, Kate McKinnon’s Justin Beiber parody videos, the new “Motosexual” man trend, and so much more. Warning: this course is for a mature audience of people ready to laugh. . 


F 23


TR 3:30-4:20


Linda Kornasky


English & Modern Languages / CRN 12852