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Adrian Hernandez, Matthew Smith, Garrett Horner, Jeffrey Urteaga, & Katherine Gilbert

Combining neodymium (Nd) with the terephthalate (TP) ligand and glutarate (Glut) entities under hydrothermal conditions at 170˚C resulted in the formation of an Nd-coordination polymer of formula Nd2(Glut)2(TP)(H2O)4•17H2O with spacious pores of ~140 Å3. As we have showcased before, this coordination network can easily integrate the 2-aminoterephthalate derivative (TPNH2) through replacement of some of the TP units, without altering the structural properties of this compound whatsoever (Nd2(Glut)2(TP)x(TPNH2)y(H2O)4•17H2O, with y= 1-x). The pure Nd2(Glut)2(TPNH2)(H2O)4•17H2O analogue can be synthesized through replacement of all TP with TPNH2. Herein we demonstrate how we successfully extended the parent compound onto other lanthanide elements and also using additional functional groups on the TP ligand, such as the sulfo, nitro, and the hydroxy group (SO3, NO2, OH). In some instances we also exchanged the glutarate unit (Glut) with pimelate (pim). To accomplish the synthesis of these new compounds we utilized hydrothermal methods as well as slow diffusion methods, which we carefully refined throughout the last two years. We would like to dedicate this poster to Adrian Hernandez, who was deceased, due to a tragic accident in February of 2016. Adrian was one of the lead investigators of this project and his contributions have resulted in some of the herein presented new structures.

Project Title

New lanthanide coordination polymers functionalized with sulfo and hydroxy groups

Faculty Mentor Name

Ralph Zehnder


FREP grant Zehnder, 2014-2015