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Kate Creecy


Doug and Debbie Creecy

Have any of your family members attended Angelo State?

I have had several cousins who attended Angelo State.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

One of my most memorable experiences in high school has been participating in Speech and Debate. I have loved debating with a partner, traveling to tournaments, and meeting students from different states.

What attracted you to Angelo State?

Near the beginning of my senior year, I was visiting colleges and searching for the right one. I had family that lived in San Angelo and had heard of ASU, so we decided to visit campus. Little did I know what awaited me!

Why did you choose Angelo State?

For me, Angelo State is the whole package. I have family in town and friends on campus. Angelo State offers me the chance to participate in an awesome Honors Program and gain hands-on experience in the field I am considering entering. On top of that, between the extremely affordable price and fantastic scholarship opportunities, my financial outlook at ASU is hard to beat. ASU is truly the whole package deal.

What are your top three bucket list activities to accomplish during your first year at ASU?

1. Play intramural basketball

2. Anchor a TV broadcast through Ram TV

3. Have lunch with President May

After visiting campus, where do you think will be your favorite hangout spot?

I love playing basketball (despite the fact that I’m short), so the gym is always great, but I’m also looking forward to spending time in the Honors Lounge. I imagine I’ll be doing a lot of homework, so the library and study spots will be much appreciated as well. I don’t have a favorite yet!

After graduating from Angelo State, I see myself:

Anchoring a TV program, working as a television commentator or contributor, owning my own business, becoming a conference speaker, or leading an organization.

High School:

Home School