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Rachel Beggs


James and Barbara Beggs

Have any of your family members attended Angelo State?

None of my relatives have attended Angelo State.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

My most memorable experience so far has probably been my humanities class. It has an interesting topic (the formation of the western worldview), and I have gotten to know a lot of people better through it.

What attracted you to Angelo State?

One thing that attracted me was the facts that professors (and not TAs) teach the classes, and that I would have research opportunities as an undergrad student. Another thing was the ability to have study abroad. 

Why did you choose Angelo State?

I chose Angelo State because of the good education and the friendly staff and students.

What are your top three bucket list activities to accomplish during your first year at ASU?

I would like to meet new people, get involved in new groups, and learn my way around campus.

After visiting campus, where do you think will be your favorite hangout spot?

Honors Lounge

After graduating from Angelo State, I see myself:

Perhaps doing scientific research

High School:

Brentwood Christian School