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Italy, Austria, and France

The 2019 Visual and Performing Arts International Study Program: Music and Art in Europe will offer approximately twenty undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the musical and visual traditions of Europe in Italy, Austria, and France. This program will consider the close interrelationship between art and music in Europe, as well as the arts’ relationship to social, political, and religious history from antiquity through the twentieth century. Students will have the opportunity to travel between significant locations in Italy (including Rome, Florence, Cremona, and Verona), Austria (Vienna), and France (Paris) to experience firsthand works of music, architecture, and art significant to the development of the European tradition.

Program Summary

Focus: Visual and Performing Arts

Term: Summer I

Travel Dates: June 2-28, 2019

Credit: 6 hours of undergraduate credit

Application Deadline: December 3, 2018