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    Mason Price

Mason Price is a 2018 graduate from ASU with a degree in biology at Angelo State University. He was a representative of Tri-Beta and served as a member of Alpha Chi and Phi Kappa Phi. He has a particular interest in how the mind and body work together and participated with Dr. Kreitler in the research project: Pain and memory on eye-witness testimony. By participating in this research project and having Dr. Kreitler as his mentor, Mason now realizes the value of understanding human cognition and behavior in the field of medicine. Mason is currently working as a scribe in the emergency department at Seton Medical Center close to where he resides. He received a pre-match at the University of North Texas TCOM in the city of Fort Worth. Here he will spend the next four years learning about the field of medicine and how to become a physician. As of now, Mason wants to pursue emergency medicine or surgery. 

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