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TurnItIn Direct Best Practices

Students and instructors have been receiving several errors when attempting to access a TurnItIn assignment, and when submitting to a TurnItIn assignment. Some errors are still unknown, but we have determined the bulk of errors are due to unsupported file types. Please see below.

Best Practice/Work Around

Instructors should not use Student Preview mode in TurnItIn. If attempted to do so, an error will appear. TurnItIn does not support Student Preview. 

Students should NOT submit the following file types. If attempted, an error will appear:

- Apple Pages

- Google Docs

- Documents containing only images (100 typed characters or more must be submitted in the document)

Students should NOT use the mobile app to submit TurnItIn assignments. This will also cause an error to appear.

Students should NOT submit documents with multiple and/or complex images, especially within PowerPoint. Several large images will cause the document to not render in the Feedback studio.