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Logan Drake

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    Logan Drake


Mike and Kim Drake

Have any of your family members attended Angelo State?

My mom, dad, and aunt.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

High school band has had a huge role in the development of both my personality and my leadership qualities. My years in the band program would definitely be considered a memorable experience to me, but my most memorable experience was found in a smaller group within the band program called the Loading Crew. I spent 3 years on Loading Crew and 2 of those years I was in charge of it. The Loading Crew was a volunteer group of band members responsible for loading a semi-trailer with the ENTIRE band’s instruments, props, and equipment for every away game and competition. Our band had roughly 270 members each with their own instrument to transport, and we were responsible for loading every last one and then some. The work that was expected from us was by no means “easy” or “painless”, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because of the people! Every single member of the Loading Crew was willing to work hard and potentially get injured…VOLUNTARILY! I looked forward to doing manual labor, because the Loading Crew became like family to me, and the environment created by the Loading Crew will never be forgotten by me.

What attracted you to Angelo State?

The warm and welcoming environment.

Why did you choose Angelo State?

The Carr Scholarship was definitely a factor in my decision, but I actually decided to choose Angelo State prior to being chosen for the Carr Distinguished Scholarship. I chose Angelo State, because I felt welcomed from day 1. I’m a firm believer in how important first impressions are, and my first impression of Angelo State was delivered by Dr. Bixler who was willing to give up several hours of his Christmas break, with a smile, to give me a 1-on-1 tour of the school and answer my questions. I chose Angelo State because of the warm and welcoming environment as well as the time and effort that Dr. Bixler invested in me.

What are your top three bucket list activities to accomplish during your first year at ASU?

1. Join the Ultimate Frisbee team

2. Accomplish many design and construction projects/challenges 


After visiting campus, where do you think will be your favorite hangout spot?

Honors Lounge

After graduating from Angelo State, I see myself:

Becoming a successful engineer

High School:

Samuel Clemens High School


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