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James and Shanna Stormes

Have any of your family members attended Angelo State?

My mom, dad, and cousin.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

My school was lucky enough to offer American Sign Language as a foreign language credit, giving me the opportunity to have some very unique experiences related to the language. There are three extracurricular groups related to sign language at my school, one of which signs the national anthem at football games. I joined the group my sophomore year and continued through to the end of my senior year, and while signing the anthem itself is unforgettable, the first game our group was recognized over the loudspeakers stands out in my mind. That night, all the veteran singers were crying when we walked off the field because for years we had gone unannounced.

What attracted you to Angelo State?

Since my parents attended Angelo, it was already on my list of universities to consider, but Angelo also met my in-state criteria as well, which would allow me to visit my family on weekends and holidays.

Why did you choose Angelo State?

After visiting campus and meeting the professors in my area of study and students in programs I was interested in, I was convinced ASU would be a good fit for me. The professors reinforced how Angelo is a teaching school, with the ability for students to practice research and presentation, an aspect I found lacking at other universities. The students I met on my campus visits, especially a current Distinguished and Honors student, made me feel confident I would find friends at Angelo.

What are your top three bucket list activities to accomplish during your first year at ASU?

1. Accomplish a late night Whataburger taquito run (per past parent experiences)

2. Randomly start a card game in a common area and have people join in

3. Experience homecoming festivities and pull my parents back to ASU

After visiting campus, where do you think will be your favorite hangout spot?

Since I am a swimmer, the pool is currently the most appealing place on campus for my free time. When I can’t get to the water, I will probably end up hanging out in the common areas of my dorm with a board game or deck of cards, waiting for someone to take me up on an open invitation to play a game.

After graduating from Angelo State, I see myself:

Pursuing graduate school with the intention of becoming a research scientist.

High School:

Timber Creek High School