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Performing Identity

This course is a critical examination of the performance of personal identity thru theory and practical, experiential theatre exercises. We will consider how our personal identities are shaped by and for intersecting issues of race, gender, sexuality, and other themes. Students will engage in intercultural dialogue and develop a stronger awareness of the connections between cultural communications and the performances of personal identities. Through lectures, discussion, reflective papers, and a final performance, students will gain a stronger self-awareness and improved skills to critically evaluate the performance choices dominating a particular society and how that may impact those affected by that society. Students will engage with texts from various disciplines to develop their understandings of how personal identities are formed and subsequently performed by the individual. Furthermore, they will learn to examine every choice they make for their personal identity as a critical performance choice and what communications or consequences result from each of those choices. Students will explore why they dress and speak the way they do and how that affects interpersonal communication and self-fulfillment.


F 10


MW 12:00 - 12:50


Ashley Meyer


Visual Performing Arts / CRN 12567