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A Resolution to Recognize the Angelo State University Homecoming Committee for a Successful Homecoming Week



The Angelo State Student Government Association wants to recognize the 2018 Homecoming Committee for all their time and commitment for Homecoming week.


The Homecoming Committee is a committee who upholds Angelo State University traditions during a yearly academic event. This committee is a committee that is consisted of students for students.


The homecoming committee, advised by Jarett Lujan, worked endless hours and put in a tremendous amount of commitment for activities for the student body, and the San Angelo community.


Homecoming is a week that is enjoyed by the Angelo State staff, student body, and the community of alumni in the San Angelo Community.

Be it Resolved:

The Angelo State Student Government Association acknowledges the hard work of the Homecoming Committee and expresses the commitment that was put in for this week long tradition. So be, that the government body wants to recognize Jarett Lujan, Megan Steffek, Karli Raggio, Rowan Upton, Devin Vasquez, Connie Hernandez, Katelyn Banister, Morgan Jupiter, Robert Sten, Marcel Childress, Carissa Hogeda, Claire Parker, Alyssa Torres, and Hujun “Edelyn” Park for their outstanding commitment to uphold and cherish Angelo State traditions.

Bill Number


Date Filed



Ms. Daniella Favila

Sponsored By

Ms. Claire Benschoter


Mr. Conaway, Mr. Whitson

Accepted by the Presiding Officer

Mr. Brayden Woods

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