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    Research and Discovery

The research and discovery portion of our redesign will be conducted in partnership with a company called iFactory. They’re from Boston and they really know their stuff. They even make hyper-accessible websites for people who are blind and blind-deaf.

They’ll be talking to a sampling of almost 50 representatives from Angelo State for a campus-wide marketing integration. During these stakeholder sessions, iFactory will be asking us about what we do and don’t like about our website.

To supplement this qualitative research, they will be analyzing our Google Analytics to determine how people use the website. Combined with the results of the stakeholder sessions, iFactory will provide Angelo State with a recommendation report as we move forward with our redesign.

Other portions of our contract with iFactory include:

  • Workflow and site management review
  • Search engine optimization analysis (how do we make Google like us?)
  • Sitemap and persona review (who uses our website and what do they use it for?)
  • Accessibility audit of with a remediation report


Dec. 2018 - Spring 2019
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