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Karter Morris

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    Karter Morris


Zach and Shayla Morris

Have any of your family members attended Angelo State?

None of my family has previously attended ASU.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

My most memorable experiences in high school have been attending the State UIL Academics and Track and Field meets. These events have given me the opportunity to compete at the highest level alongside my friends and family, while also meeting many new people from many different backgrounds.

What attracted you to Angelo State?

There were many things about ASU that attracted me. Some of these include: relatively small class/campus size, a relatively short distance from home, and many positive comments from friends who have attended/are attending ASU. I have yet to hear anyone say anything negative about the university, which is truly remarkable.

Why did you choose Angelo State?

I chose ASU because of the vast amount of opportunities that will be available to me there. I believe that the smaller college setting is going to be the perfect learning environment for me. Also, through many runs at Regional Academics and Track meets, I have become familiar with the campus setup and really like it. Lastly, I have heard so many positive comments about ASU that it would be hard to turn down. Through old high school friends as well as family friends, I have heard a great amount of feedback on the college and can confidently say that I believe ASU will provide me with the best college experience that I could find.

What are your top three bucket list activities to accomplish during your first year at ASU?

My top 3 bucket list activities I want to accomplish during my first year are: get into intramural sports, attend sporting events, and just meet a lot of new people!

After visiting campus, where do you think will be your favorite hangout spot?

After visiting campus, I believe that my favorite hangout spot will be the student center.

After graduating from Angelo State, I see myself:

Pursuing a career in medicine. After Graduation, I will attend a Medical School where I will acquire skills needed to pursue my career. Upon graduation from there, I want to enjoy a career in medicine, helping those that need it.

Share a fun fact about you for your Ram Family to get to know you.

A fact about myself is that I enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and shooting. Also, I enjoy participating in pretty much all different kinds of sports.

High School:

Aspermont High Shool


Biology- Pre Med
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