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An Act to Amend Rule V Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms to The Rules of the Senate



RULE V DUTIES OF THE SERGEANT-AT-ARMS be added to The Rules of the Senate in the 91st Session



Section 1. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall:


  1.    Be nominated by the Senate and elected by a majority vote of the Senate.
  2.    The appointed Sergeant-at-Arms shall have served at least one (1) term in the Senate and must currently hold a senatorial seat.
  3.     The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be a member of the Senate, attend the Senate during all meetings, sit on the Rules of the Senate Committee



Section 2. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be a part-time uncompensated position that maintains voting privileges as a senator.



Section 3. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall administrate and conduct the proper procedures in the event of an emergency. He/She shall be responsible for executing the evacuation of the Senate chamber. He/She will be a liaison for the Building Emergency Response Team (B.E.R.T.). He/She will attend any Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) training and will explain the procedures to the Senate chamber at each initial senate meeting at the beginning of every semester.



Section 4. The Sergeant-at-Arms in the event of a physical altercation, He/She will be responsible for contacting the Angelo State Police Department and brief them on the situation once the situ and calmly controlling the situation until the authorities arrive.



Section 5 The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist in regulating the Senators dress code, He/She shall have the authority to remove the violators from the current session Under the Direction of the President of the Senate.


Be it Recommended:

Angelo State University Student Government Association implicates Rule V Duties of the Sergeant-of-Arms to The Rules of the Senate. The Sergeant-at-Arms will create a long-lasting security position and business formal approach to the Angelo State University Student Government Association.

Bill Number


Date Filed



Mr. Joshua Quinton

Sponsored By

Mr. Caleb Conaway


Committee on Transportation

Accepted by the Presiding Officer

Mr. Brayden Woods

Date Read in Senate


Dated Voted on by Senate


Date Sent for Signature



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