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Acknowledgement of ESA Owner Rights and Responsibilities

All requests for Emotional Support Animals must be submitted to the ASU Office of Student Affairs located in the Houston Harte University Center, Room 112. After the Office of Student Affairs has approved the accommodation, approval will be submitted to Housing and Residential Programs, along with any other required documentation.

No animal will be permitted in residence halls or apartments that:

Standards for Approved Emotional Support Animals

All approved Emotional Support Animals must comply with applicable laws regarding animals and their treatment and care, and must also meet the following standards:


Domestic Cats

Any Other Animal

Other animals will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Student Affairs and the Housing and Residential Programs Office. Animals defined as “Dangerous Wild Animals” in the Texas Health and Safety Code §822.101 (big cats, apes, bears, hybrids of these animals), primates, high rabies risk animals (bats, fox, raccoon, coyote), venomous animals, and domestic animals with unknown health history are not allowed.

Standards of Behavior by Animal and Animal Owner

Health, sanitary, safety and disruptive standards must be maintained as follows:

Cleaning and Damages

When the resident moves out of his/her apartment or residence hall room, or no longer owns the animal, the apartment or residence hall room will be assessed to determine if damage to department property can be attributed to the animal. Housing and Residential Programs maintains the right to conduct apartment or residence hall room inspections as necessary for the purpose of assessing damage caused by the animal or to otherwise determine the resident’s compliance with this procedure.

The animal owner has an obligation to make sure that the apartment or residence hall room is as clean as the original standard. If the apartment or room has carpeting, this also includes regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. Damages and extraordinary cleaning caused by the animal are the responsibility of the resident. Replacement or repair of damaged items will be the financial responsibility of the owner and assessed by members of the Housing and Residential Programs staff.

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