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Animals for Students with Disabilities

Emotional Support Animal Checklist

Please Note: ESAs are not permitted on campus until they are approved.

  1. Apply for Disability Accommodations.
  2. Provide documentation verifying diagnosis AND the need for an Emotional Support Animal from an off-campus medical provider licensed in Texas. This documentation should come from a student’s primary mental health care provider.

    Student Disability Services discourages paying individuals found on websites for certificates or template letters. As per the guidance document by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

    Some websites sell certificates, registrations, and licensing documents for assistance animals to anyone who answers certain questions or participates in a short interview and pays a fee.

    In HUD’s experience, such documentation from the internet is not, by itself, sufficient to reliably establish that an individual has a non-observable disability or disability-related need for an assistance animal.

  3. Meet with Student Disability Services staff.
  4. Provide required documentation about your Emotional Support Animal if applicable.
  5. Wait for Notification from Student Disability Services of Emotional Support Animal approval!

Contact us for more information.

Emotional Support Animal FAQs

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