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Early Alert Program

ASU is committed to providing a personal education for each of our students, and the Early Alert Program is a key part of this goal.

When faculty are concerned about a student’s academic performance, they are encouraged to make use of the Early Alert Program. Early Alert assesses the student’s situation, offering support and providing referrals to resources on campus.

Early Alert risk factors include:

  Early Alert Process

  1. The Early Alert coordinator initiates an email campaign early each semester via Navigate. Faculty can also generate an Early Alert report in RamPort on the Faculty page in the Student Support section. 
  2. An advisor contacts the student by telephone, email and/or postcard.
  3. The advisor counsels the student and provides information on:
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Tutoring meeting times and dates
    • Academic Advising
    • Career Development
  4. The student is also given the contact information of the referring professor and encouraged to contact him/her as soon as possible.
Early Alert