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Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is the student-led arm of the Honors Program.

HSA promotes scholarship, fellowship and diversity, and represents the Honors Program on campus and in the community. Student leaders select speakers for campus presentations on general and professional topics and organize social and service events for Honors Program students.

2020-21 Officers

President: Kate Creecy
Vice President: Sharin Salam
Secretary: Emily Maxey
Treasurer: Jane Bacon
Historian: Zoey Stormes
Intramural Liaison: Logan Drake

  • HSA Opportunities
    Community Service

    One of the things that the Angelo State University Honors Student Association proudly participates with, year in and year out, is the great community of San Angelo, Texas.

    Life with HSA

    Starting off at college is rough, students in HSA are encouraged to connect with each other through different social events on campus. Networks of honors students are where some of our favorite memories come from.

    • Painting With[out] a Twist- 03/17/2020 at 7pm, Honors Lounge
      Come relax and let your creative juices flow! Feel free to wear green, since it will be Saint Patrick’s Day.
    • Trivia Night- 04/04/2020 at 4pm, Honors Lounge
      Form a team for our annual trivia night! Win prizes! Let Kate know if you want to help with the event or write questions.
    Intramural Fun

    Students in HSA are active in on-campus intramural sports.  This allows our students to spend time together competing against other on-campus teams in a variety of sports. 

  • Speaker Meeting Guests

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