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Course Drop Limits

Courses may be dropped during registration periods as specified in the calendar. To drop a course during a “W” period, a student will need to submit the Course Drop and Withdrawal Request Form.

Six-Drop Rule

Following Texas Legislature, TEC 51.907, students may not exceed six course drops throughout their higher education career while enrolled at a state-funded college or university.

Affected Institutions

Texas public community colleges, technical institutes/colleges, health science institutions offering undergraduate course work, and universities must comply with the legislation of TEC 51.907.

Affected Students

Course Drop Definition

A course drop, which may be recorded on a student’s transcript, is defined as an affected credit course not completed by an undergraduate student who:

  1. Is enrolled in the course at the official date of record,* and
  2. Will receive a non-punitive grade of W or QW

*Date of record varies according to the length of the course. The most common course lengths are listed below. For the date of record for all other course lengths, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Course Drop Record
Course Length Date of Record
Three-week course Second class day
Five- or six-week course Fourth class day
Eight-week course Sixth class day
16-week course 12th class day

Other Factors Regarding Course Drop Limit

Transfer students who are affected by this legislation shall be required to submit all transfer institution transcripts for processing of the transfer course drops which apply to the limit prior to being allowed to utilize any drops at Angelo State University. If the transfer transcript does not indicate any drops toward the limit, ASU will set the drop count for that institution at zero. If a student was granted a drop at ASU and the Registrar’s Office later learns that the drop count was set incorrectly, the Registrar’s Office will update the student’s record to correct the count. If the student has exceeded the six course drop limit, the drop will be removed and the faculty member of the associated course will be contacted to issue the appropriate grade.

Withdrawal Definition

A student is considered to have withdrawn from the university when the student drops all courses during a semester.

Excluded Courses From Limit

Drops from the following types of courses are excluded from the course drop limit:

Refunds After Dropping a Course

A student dropping a course or courses (but not withdrawing from the university) prior to the course’s census date (Official Date of Record) is eligible for a refund of applicable tuition and fees for courses dropped. If eligible, a student will receive a refund within 40 days after the drop period has ended for the semester or term. Contact the Office of the Registrar for the census date of the class you want to drop.

Prior to the course’s census date, you are eligible for 100% refund of applicable tuition and fees. After census day, no refunds will be issued for dropped courses.