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Grade Substitution Procedure Spring 2020

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the University must remain fluid in the response to this ever-changing environment. That includes the response to our students in their academic endeavors and mitigating the impact on their educational goals. All spring semester courses that were taught face to face at Angelo State University were moved to an online format beginning March 23, 2020. Angelo State University extended spring break an additional week in order to provide faculty and staff time to prepare for a new on-line learning environment. In response to an order from the Governor of Texas, students who could, were asked to vacate the campus. Through no fault of their own, faculty and students were forced into an abrupt change in the delivery of many of their courses. Angelo State University recognizes the stress students may feel and the changes in their daily schedules that can affect their academic performance. Therefore, the University has taken a number of steps to support our students and limit the impact on their lives. 

This process will be in place for the 2020 Spring semester only. Once a student has accepted a grade substitution, the decision is final and cannot be reversed. Angelo State University cannot guarantee that a professional/graduate school program will accept grades of CR/NC, nor can ASU guarantee that professional programs, licensure programs, or accrediting bodies will recognize and accept CR/NC on a student’s future application as course credit, evidence of meeting prerequisites, or meeting an eligibility requirement. Students who change majors in future terms might also be required to retake courses with grades of CR. By submitting this request, you acknowledge that you understand and have considered these issues.

Angelo State University is committed to the academic and personal well-being of our students. We believe this process is the best way to protect students academically and maintain the academic integrity of the University.