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Online Consortia Courses

Angelo State University offers access to additional online courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities in good standing through a partnership with Acadeum. This partnership focuses on helping students improve their academic standing, make progress toward degrees, and provides options for students returning to college. Courses taken through the consortium will count toward a student’s Angelo State University degree.

Students who think they might benefit from enrolling in a course through the consortium should consult with the appropriate professional or faculty advisor for their major. Students will need advisor approval and a compelling reason to enroll in a consortium class (e.g., course not offered in the timeframe for graduation, prerequisite not available at ASU, opportunity to move to good standing, graduation possibility). Angelo State University will approve courses on a student-by-student basis.

How to Register:

Students can view the available courses by clicking on the link below. To register, students will create an account using their Angelo State University email. Once the student creates an account, the student will receive an email requesting verification. After the account is created and verified, students can submit a request to register for a course. For questions about registering for a consortium course, contact your professional or faculty advisor. Students should consult with an advisor prior to submitting a course request.

Course Billing:

Angelo State University will bill the student for courses offered through the consortium. The cost for registration in a consortium course will be equivalent to registering for an online course offered at Angelo State University and will depend on the student’s current enrollment status and the current hours for which the student is registered. Payments must be made in accordance with existing ASU payment policies and deadlines. For information about your overall ASU bill or paying your bill, contact Student Accounts at 325-942-2008 or If you have questions about Acadeum costs, please contact Meagan Word, Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs at or 325-486-6612.

Drop/Withdraw/Academic Regulations:

If you wish to drop or withdraw from a consortium class, contact the Angelo State Registrar at 325-942-2043 or

Be advised that the drop date for a consortium class might be different than Angelo State’s deadlines. Dropping a consortium class will count toward the six-drop rule. Students will observe all regulations in effect at the teaching institution.

If you have questions, about Acadeum, contact Meagan Word, Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs at or 325-486-6612.