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Schedule Changes

The week prior to each standard fall, spring, summer I, or summer II semester is Add-Only Week. Please note that you will be able to add courses, but you will not be able to drop or make schedule changes that require dropping and switching a course during that time. The payment deadline for the semester is the Thursday prior to the first day of classes by 5 p.m. Central Time, and registration will be shut down from 5 p.m. to midnight. Registration will reopen for all schedule changes the next day (Friday).

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all important dates including registration, add-only week, payment deadlines, census, and last day to drop/withdraw for each semester or part of term.

It is strongly recommended to communicate ALL changes to third-party payers such as Scholarships, VETS Center, Financial Aid, etc.

Time Frames for Online Registration Changes and When to Use Drop or Withdrawal Form

Semester or Part of Term

Length of Course

Register or Add/Drop Period in Online Self-service Registration System

Period to Submit Drop or Withdrawal Form

Standard Fall/Spring Semester


Up to and including the 4th Class Day*

5th Class Day to Last Day to Drop/Withdraw

First/Second Eight Weeks


Up to and including the 2nd Class Day

3rd Class Day to Last Day to Drop/Withdraw

Standard Summer Semester


Up to and including the 2nd Class Day

3rd Class Day to Last Day to Drop/Withdraw



Up to and including the 1st Class Day

2nd Class Day to Last Day to Drop/Withdraw

*Class Day refers to the number of days in a semester, not the actual number of class meetings. For example, if a semester starts on a Monday and class meets MWF, Friday is the 5th Class Day since it is the 5th day of the semester.

**Mini-Sessions can be created for any length of time. Please double check Length of Course to determine registration dates and deadlines.

Important Registration Information

Course Drop and Withdrawal Request Form

Contact Us

Our friendly staff is always available to assist you Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Registrar’s Office
Fax: 325-942-2553
ASU Station #10898, San Angelo, TX 76909