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Schedule Changes

Students may add and/or drop classes using RamPort during the first four days of a fall or spring semester 16-week semester, or the first two days of an 8-week summer session. Students may also make schedule changes in the Registrar’s Office in Room 200 of the Hardeman Building.

It is strongly recommended to communicate ALL changes to third-party payers such as Scholarships, VETS Center, Financial Aid, etc.

Adding Courses

Courses may be added during late registration, which is the first four days of a fall or spring 16-week semester or the first two days of an 8-week or summer session. To add a course, students should use RamPort but may visit the Registrar’s Office. Please view your bill and make payments online or by visiting the Student Accounts Office.

Dropping Courses

Courses may be dropped during registration periods as specified in the calendar. To drop a course during a “W” period, a student will need to submit the Course Drop Request Form.

Course Drop Limits

Following the 2007 Texas Legislature, students may not exceed six course drops throughout their higher education career while enrolled at a state-funded college or university. For more information, please visit our TEC 51.907 page.

Withdrawing From the University

Withdrawal Definition:

A student is considered to have withdrawn from the university when the student drops all courses during the semester.

If a student is dropping all classes after the semester begins, he/she must submit a Student Withdrawal Form. After classes start, regardless of attendance, will incur a charge. See the withdrawals and refunds page for details.