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About the Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct outlines behavioral standards developed by the university community for students and student organizations, as well as the related procedures for addressing misconduct. Students should be aware that the student conduct process is not a criminal or civil court proceeding. Students and student organizations are responsible for actions that constitute misconduct and violate the Code of Student Conduct. Any student or student organization found responsible for misconduct may be subject to conduct sanctions.

The Code of Student Conduct and related processes educate students about their rights and responsibilities while promoting holistic development, self-worth and mutual respect for all members of the university community. Freedom of discussion, inquiry and expression are also fostered by an environment in which the privileges of citizenship are protected, and the obligations of citizenship are understood.

The university’s conduct procedure for students is outlined in the Angelo State University Student Handbook, Part I, Section B. The university’s conduct procedure for student organizations is outlined in Part I, Section C.