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Information for Families

Title IX Information for Parents

This page is designed to provide information about the Office of Title IX Compliance and address questions and concerns you may have as a parent of a student who is working with our office.

University Response

The Office of Title IX Compliance is the designated department on the ASU campus who is responsible for addressing reports of sexual misconduct on campus. Our Title IX and Sexual Misconduct policy covers behaviors including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, gender discrimination, stalking, sexual exploitation, public indecency, and any other form of gender based misconduct.

Response from the Office of Title IX Compliance is typically based on the Complainant’s wishes to address the complaint. There are times that if the behavior reported indicates a risk to the overall University Community, the Title IX Coordinator can implement the Grievance Process without the cooperation of the Complainant. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate the response the Complainant believes will restore their success as an ASU student while addressing misbehavior and educating all students involved in the process in an impartial manner. We are able to respond in the following ways

Ultimately, cooperation with our office is completely voluntary and the student chooses how we proceed. Our office will reach out to the student three times prior to closing their case. We must receive a complaint from the Complainant to address the situation. If a Complainant chooses not to respond to correspondence from the Office of Title IX Compliance, or chooses not to file a Formal Complaint, the Respondent may not know the situation was brought to our attention.


We encourage you to contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jessica Gooch, at 325-942-2022, by sending an email to  or visiting our website at , if you have further questions regarding the Title IX Policy and process.