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Reporting Options

Report a Title IX Violation

When completing the report, you may select “Title IX” as the “Nature of Report.” Reports filed in this manner are seen only by theTitle IX Coordinator and the Title IX Officer. There are multiple ways to report a concern that relates to sexual misconduct or Title IX:

1. Online

2. Contact the Title IX Coordinator

Michelle Miller, J.D.
Special Assistant to the President and Title IX Coordinator
Mayer administration Building, 210

3. If you need immediate help

Contact the University Police Department (UPD) at 325-942-2071. UPD will help you complete a police report and begin a criminal investigation, reach out to the Title IX Coordinator, and assist you in coordinating any medical needs.

4. Contact Confidential Resources

A Confidential Resource is someone designated by the University that a student may speak to in confidence. These individuals are do not to share information shared by the student, other than the type of incident reported, with the Title IX Coordinator or anyone else, unless the student requests.