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Resource Guide for Students about Sexual Misconduct

What is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misconduct is a broad term encompassing all forms of gender-based harassment or discrimination and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.

Learn more about the behaviors covered by ASU’s Sexual Misconduct policy

What is Consent?

Consent is mutually understandable words or actions, actively communicated knowingly and voluntarily, that clearly convey permission for a specific activity. Consent is not effective if it results from:

Learn more about consent

What To Do If You Have Experienced Sexual Assault

Learn more about reporting a Title IX Violation

What About Confidentiality?

Mandated Reporting

At Angelo State University, all employees, including student employees (who are not designated as confidential resources), are deemed responsible employees. Responsible employees, who in the course and scope of their employment receive information regarding an occurrence of an incident that the employee reasonably believes constitutes sexual misconduct alleged to have been committed by or against an individual who was a student enrolled at or an employee of the university at the time of the incident, shall promptly report the incident to the Director of Title IX/Title IX Coordinator. The responsible employee must report all known details of the incident to the Director of Title IX/Title IX Coordinator.

Confidential Reporting

If a complainant wishes to keep the details of an incident involving sexual misconduct confidential, the complainant should speak to a licensed clinical and/or medical professional employed by the university or an off-campus resource, such as the local rape crisis center or clergy. The University Health Clinic and Counseling Services, along with the 24-Hour Crisis Helpline, have trained staff who can take your confidential report.

Anonymous Reporting

Reports may be made anonymously utilizing the online reporting form. When submitting the report, please include as many details as possible. Note that while you may submit an anonymous report, it will greatly limit the ability for the Office of Title IX Compliance to address your concern.

Your Rights

We’re Here to Help

Angelo State University is committed to providing and strengthening an educational, working and living environment where students, faculty, staff and visitors may learn, live and work in a safe environment free from all forms of sexual misconduct.

The Office of Title IX Compliance Can:

Important Contacts

Report an Incident Online

Office of Title IX Compliance
San Angelo, TX 76909-1047
ASU Station #11047
University Police
2410 Vanderventer Ave., San Angelo, TX
ASU Station #11012, San Angelo, TX 76909
Counseling Services
1901 Johnson St, San Angelo, TX 76909
ASU Station # 11019, San Angelo, TX 76909

ASU 24-Hour Crisis Helpline
Hours: 24 hours, 365 days a year

800-656-HOPE (4673)
Hours: 24 hours, 365 days a year
Access local advocacy groups through this hotline.

More Resources

A printable version or printed copies of this information can be obtained by contacting the Office of Title IX Compliance.