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Tips on How to Stay Safe

Risk Reduction strategies may be helpful in some situations, however it may not prevent all assaults. Remember that even if protective measures are taken, violence may still occur. If violence does occur, know that it is not your fault – no matter what happens or what the situation is, the person at fault is the person who chooses to use violence

These suggestions may help you reduce the risk of experiencing a non-consensual sexual act.

If you find yourself in the position of being the initiator of sexual behavior, you owe respect to yourself and your potential partner. These suggestions may help you to reduce your risk for being accused of sexual misconduct.


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The 411 on Consent


Safety Planning

Safety planning is a process that allows an individual to develop ways to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations.This process includes planning for future crisis, identifying options and emergency contacts, and making decisions about the steps needed to increase safety.It is recommended that individuals who are deciding to end an unhealthy or dangerous relationship, consider the following items when safety planning:


How to Respond if Someone is Pressuring You