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Resources for Faculty

Our mission

The goal of the Writing Center is to provide students with a positive writing experience. Our tutors will help your students with all steps of the writing process, including brainstorming and/or free writing, organization, grammar, and documentation. Our tutors are not here to write papers for your students, but, instead, encourage them to think critically and develop their own ideas. We will also help students develop techniques to help improve their writing skills.

Please encourage your students to use the Writing Center in the following ways:

Include the Writing Center in your class syllabus

Simply copy and paste the following passage:

“The Writing Center is an academic support service available to all ASU students. Peer tutors help experienced and inexperienced writers with all steps of the writing process. Tutors will help students review writing assignments in order to provide suggestions and recommendations about organization, paragraph development, grammar, documentation, etc.; however, tutors cannot edit papers. To learn more about their services, visit the Writing Center website at /current-students/writing-center/. The Writing Center is located on the third floor of the Porter Henderson Library, Room C305.”

Discuss the Writing Center in class

Please mention our services and hours to students at the beginning of the semester or when you assign written projects:

Request a Tutor Talk

Tutors can also visit your classes. They will provide all necessary information regarding the Writing Center and its services. To request a tutor talk, contact Marcie Puckitt. Please include the days and times your class meets, the location, and preferred dates.

Refer Students

If you are referring your class to the Writing Center, please notify Marcie Puckitt in advance. In addition, we would appreciate if you would also send any materials with your students that would help the tutors. Being prepared will enable us to better serve your students.