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Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Our department is about so much more than just numbers and formulas.

Here, you will gain the skills and real-world knowledge you need to succeed in your career. You will also engage with the local business community for practical experience that will give you a head start once you graduate.

Which degree plan is best for me?
We can help you decide. Contact us in the Accounting, Economics and Finance Department to discuss your personal needs with a faculty advisor.

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The Norris-Vincent College of Business is accredited by AACSB International.

Today’s world is driven by trade, commerce and finance. Your ASU accounting, economics or finance degree is your ticket to join the exciting global economy and help shape the future of business and government.

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Around the Department

Take a look at some other aspects of our department that make ASU an outstanding place to study accounting, economics and finance.

Student taking notes during class.

Hands-On Experience

You can engage with professionals at local businesses, firms and nonprofit agencies through internships and shadowing programs. You can also enhance your practical skills in our student BizPitch Contest and/or the San Angelo Business Plan Competition.

Cody Vasquez and Gayle Randall with Cody's Delta Sigma Pi 2020 National Collegian of the Year...

Delta Sigma Pi

Our chapter of the Delta Sigma Pi national professional business fraternity has won multiple national awards, including the 2018-19 Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award. It is open to all students in our department.

professor standing next to projector screen lecturing class

Accredited Programs

All of the degree programs in our department are accredited by AACSB International. That means you are getting the highest-quality education possible.