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Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) Course Descriptions

1305/BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications (3-0). Computer terminology, hardware, software, operating systems, and information systems relating to the business environment. The main focus of this course is on business applications of software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, and business utilization of the

4366 Business Modeling and Decision Making (3-0). Design and use of financial models for working capital management; cash flow projections; ratio analysis; capital budgeting; security valuation and selection; portfolio management; and real estate investment analysis.
Prerequisites: Business Computer Information Systems 1305 or equivalent, Finance 3361.

4381 Special Topics (3-0). Selected topics in business computer information systems. May be repeated once for credit when the topic varies.
Prerequisite: Junior status.

4391 Research. A specialized course which may be directed reading or research for superior students.
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.