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Courses in Business Law (BUSI)

1301/BUSI 1301 Introduction to Business (3-0). Fundamental principles of business organization, ownership, operation, and control. Helpful to beginning students in selecting a major program of study.

2301/BUSI 2301 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (3-0). An overview of the basic principles of law as they apply to business, with an emphasis on the ethical environment of business. Topics include personal ethics, business ethics, legal ethics, resolution of ethical conflicts, the judicial system and court procedure, alternative dispute resolution, the constitution and business, business torts and crimes, contracts, bailments,
forms of business structure, basic property law, international law and other relevant legal and ethical topics.

3347 Business Law for Accountants (3-0). An examination of the legal topics necessary for an accounting major to prepare to be a Certified Public Accountant. Topics include law of agency, contract law, the Uniform Commercial Code, debtor-creditor relationships, government regulation of business, and considerations of business structure.
Prerequisite: Business 2301.

4381 Special Topics: Business Law (3-0). A study of selected topics in business law. May be repeated once for credit when the topic varies.
Prerequisite: Junior status.

4391 Research: Business Law. A specialized course which may be directed reading or research for superior students.
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

Graduate Courses

6302 Legal and Social Environment of Business (3-0). Analysis of the role of business in contemporary society with emphasis on the legal, social, political, and regulatory factors affecting business.