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College Students


If you are already in college, you may still take part in Air Force ROTC. ASU students are placed in the program based on how much time they have left before graduation. Transfer students are placed based on how many credit hours ASU honors and how much time they have left before graduation.

To be eligible for commissioning into the Air Force and Space Force, students must be in ROTC for a minimum of two-and-a-half to three years, depending on experience and credit hours. There are limitations in certain circumstances, so please contact the unit admissions officer for more information.


Diverse Program

You will participate in a program at ASU that:

Special Activities

The ROTC program consists of one hour of classroom work, two hours of physical training and two hours of leadership laboratory each week.

You can also take part in these exciting activities:

Career Benefits

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ROTC students can apply for both national and institutional scholarships.

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