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High School and JROTC

Air Force ROTC is a great way to begin college and start a successful career. Students enjoy the first two years of the ROTC program with no obligation to the military (unless you are on a national Air Force and Space Force scholarship). During that time, you will learn leadership, communication and management skills critical in today’s job market. Whether you spend one semester or four years with us, you will benefit from the training we provide!

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Diverse Program

You will participate in a program at ASU that:

Special Activities

The ROTC program consists of one hour of classroom work, two hours of physical training and two hours of leadership laboratory each week.

You can also take part in these exciting activities:

Career Benefits

Degree Programs

Check out our degree program to learn more about aerospace studies.

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Course Descriptions

Read our course descriptions to learn more about what you will study in our ROTC program.

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Get a Scholarship

ROTC students can apply for both national and institutional scholarships.

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