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New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)

Angelo State ROTC

Your journey as a new cadet joining our Det 847 team begins at the New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP). Students who are interested in joining AFROTC at Det 847 are highly encouraged to attend our 1-Day NCOP to begin the semester. The orientation will help you make informed decisions about joining AFROTC and to complete enrollment paperwork. The sessions will be conducted in a relaxed environment and will be supervised by cadre (AFROTC Faculty), Parents, guardians, and spouses are encouraged to attend.

We will cover:​

To expedite the administrative process and to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly you are required to create a “WINGS” account (see below for details), bring your completed application (without signatures), sports physical and all supporting documentation. Utilize the Application How-To Guide to guide you in completing the application appropriately. You will also need to begin your academic plan (details below as well).

New cadet WINGS account:

As part of a transitioning Air Force and Space Force initiative to become paperless, we are now requiring that all new cadets create a Holm Center WINGS account. Visit the Holm Center website and use the Creating WINGS Account PDF for assistance.

Academic plan:

You must maintain a digital academic plan throughout your ROTC career. Each fall semester, ROTC requires you to meet with an academic advisor and get their signature as approval that you are set to graduate on time. You will also meet with your ROTC instructor once a semester to review your academic plan. Academic Plan Review Sheet

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