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Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness

Air Force ROTC cadets must meet physical fitness standards. To help them do so, Detachment 847 provides weekly physical training (PT) sessions and a physical fitness test each semester.

Before participating in PT, cadets must complete and submit a Sports Physical Form stating they are physically able to exercise.

Weekly PT

All cadets must attend at least two scheduled PT sessions each week. PT is conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to 7 a.m. for all cadets.

Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

Weekly PT enables cadets to pass the PFA at the end of each semester. The PFA consists of these exercises:

Each event is scored. Cadets must achieve a minimum of 75 total points, as well as meet the minimum passing score in each component in order to pass. All cadets must take the PFA at least once a semester.

Why is fitness important?

Instead of gaining the “freshman 15” like other college students, cadets will see and feel the benefits of fitness. Studies have shown that college students who have regular fitness schedules have higher GPAs than those who don’t.

Students who continue in Air Force ROTC will find they do better at Field Training (FT). Field Training is intense and physically demanding. The more in-shape you are before you get there, the better you will do.

Good physical fitness also leads to higher scores for pilot candidates and a better chance of competing for their dream jobs.

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