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Becoming a Pilot Through AFROTC

The Basics

Who can apply?
Second-, third- and fourth-year cadets

When should I apply?
Begin paperwork in the fall of your AS300 (junior) year.
Packages are usually due to headquarters by the second week of February.

When will I be notified if selected?
March or April of your AS300 (junior) year

Are pilots required to serve longer?
Yes, for 10 years after earning their wings.
Pilot training takes about one year.

Will I get paid more than regular officers?
Yes, you will receive flight pay.
Flight pay increases as years in service increase.

Order of Merit Score

Learn More

For more information, read the pilot requirements for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT).

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Other Requirements

Read more about other areas where you will need to develop your skills.