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Department of Agriculture

Whichever area of agriculture interests you, our department has you covered. We believe the best way to learn is first-hand experience, and that is what you will get at our 6,000-acre Management, Instruction and Research Center, more commonly called the ASU Ranch.

Here, you will gain the practical skills and real-world knowledge you need to succeed in your agriculture career


Agriculture is one of the largest and most varied career fields in the world. Your ASU degree is your ticket to join this exciting industry that produces our food supply, protects our natural resources, cares for our animals, and teaches future agriculture leaders.

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Around the Department

Take a look at some other aspects of our department that make ASU an outstanding place to study agriculture.

Students prepare for a stock show.

Teams and Competitions

You can join our wool, meat and show teams to travel and compete against other universities. We also have intercollegiate quiz bowl teams for meat science and agricultural economics. Our Wool Judging Team, Meat Judging Team and Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team have all won national championships.

Dominic, the ASU mascot.

Student Organizations

Our Block and Bridle Club is one of the largest student groups on campus. Among their many activities, its members are in charge of Dominic, ASU’s live Rambouillet Ram mascot. Our Meat and Food Science Association caters various events to raise money for scholarships and research. Members of our RAMS organization travel the state recruiting future ag majors.

Students welding

Department of Agriculture Tours

Take a guided tour of the Angelo State campus and then visit the Management, Instruction and Research Center (our 6,000-acre ASU Ranch) to meet with our faculty and learn more about majors and academic opportunities within the Department of Agriculture.

Students displaying the Ram Hand

Living Learning Community

A section of our Plaza Verde residence hall is reserved for incoming freshman ag majors who will live on campus. Living with fellow ag majors will help you adjust to college life, make new friends and get involved.