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Formulations for Hand-Spraying Mesquite

Brush Busters Programs

Leaf-Spray Method

The leaf-spray method works best on mesquite trees that are less than eight feet tall. We typically spray during the growing season when soil temperatures are in excess of 75 degrees and all foliage is a dark-green color. Spraying during flowering or when mesquite beans are not fully elongated may reduce mortality rates. Applicators should not spray when conditions for drift are high.

Concentration in Spray Solution 3 gal. 14 gal. 25 gal.
Reclaim® 1/2% 2 oz. 9 oz. 16 oz.
Remedy® 1/2% 2 oz. 9 oz. 16 oz.
Surfactant 1/4% 1 oz. 5 oz. 8 oz.
Hi-Light® Dye 1/4% - 1/2% 1-2 oz. 5-9 oz. 8-16 oz.

Stem-Spray Method

The best time to stem-spray mesquite is during the growing season when temperatures are hot. We recommend using an XP-1 cone spray tip, so that only a limited amount of spray is released at one time. Sprayers should wet the lower 12 inches of stem, avoiding any puddling of spray around the base of the plant. It is critical that every stem emerging from the ground be sprayed for an effective kill rate.

Mesquite Type
% Remedy Amount/gallon
Smooth Bark    
1.5 in diameter stem 15% 19 oz
1.5-4 inch stem 25% 1 qt.
Rough Bark 25% 1 qt.

More Information

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