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Mr. Andy Eubanks

The Agriculture department is proud to announce that the 2017 outstanding alumnus is Mr. Andy Eubanks.

Andy Eubanks - 2017 Ag Alumni Spotlight Andy Eubanks - 2017 Ag Alumni Spotlight Mr. Eubanks was born and raised in the small rural town of Bronte, Texas, and currently resides in the city of Floresville, Texas.  He is the President of SouthTrust Bank, N.A., Floresville Bank and Regional Banking Supervisor; prior to that he worked at the First National Bank of Ballinger, Ballinger, Texas.  Mr. Eubanks graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in business, before going on to Texas A&M University to receive his Master’s degree in Agriculture Economics-Agribanking.

Although he was not involved with student organizations on campus, Mr. Eubanks put himself through school without any financial aid or assistance.  He accomplished this by working as much as possible, sometimes juggling three different jobs while being a full-time student.  Eubanks chose ASU because of the affordability & logistics, and he believed he would enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere at ASU.  However, Mr. Eubanks did not immediately go to college after high school graduation but instead went to work for Kenneth Cook of Cook Construction.  It was Mr. Cook who pushed Mr. Eubanks into going to college; he did so by threatening to fire Eubanks if he did not go to college and get his degree.  With the inspiring words of Mr. Cook behind him, Mr. Eubanks went to college, and shortly after receiving his degree from ASU, Mr. Cook told him to go on and get his Master’s.

Mr. Eubanks has in the past and/or presently is now involved in numerous activities and organizations outside of the work place. Over the last 37 years, he has been in the Lion’s Club as past president and member; 4-H as the Wilson County Shooting Sports Director; Little League as a board member and coach; Spur’s Basketball as a manager/coach; the Floresville Chamber of Commerce as board president and board member; Wilson County, Texas serving on various committees; the City of Floresville on the Planning and Zoning and the Economic Development Committees; First Baptist Church of Floresville as Deacon, Sunday School Director, Finance Committee and many other committees through the church.  Mr. Eubanks is currently a member of the Floresville Chamber of Commerce, American Angus Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, First Baptist Church of Floresville and the Texas Real Estate Commission - Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.

Mr. Eubanks stated that, “The agriculture industry is similar to many other industries in that companies will continue to become larger, due to economies of scale, and there will be a moderation in the number of smaller companies”.  He believes that profit margins will continue to narrow and improvements in management techniques and management production methods will become more critical.  In addition, improvements in plants and animal genetics will continue to be paramount to operating profitable.  ASU prepared Mr. Eubanks by broadening his general and technical knowledge base.  Mr. Eubanks says that what he values most from his degree from ASU is that the professors were more than just professors. There were many exceptional professors but one that he would like to note and thank is Dr. Donald Shelby.  He also goes on to say the level of education was, “second to none.”